How would you like to spend an extra $1000 per month? Would you buy a new smartphone? Would you pay for your kid’s birthday party or would you prefer to buy a brand new car? You can earn an unlimited amount of money with the Freebay referral program.

Freebay offers you a way to easily generate extra income per month by working smarter not harder. Smart business people use systems that generate passive income. For example, fast food businesses use franchise systems  so they can make money while they sleep.

How would you like to make an extra income per week? I will show you how you can make money with Freebay. Keep reading.

What does Freebay offer?

Freebay has developed a system incorporating gold that provides you with:

  • Wealth protection
  • Wealth creation
  • Long term residual income

Freebay offers you a path to financial freedom through gold as an alternative store of value.

Who is Freebay?

Freebay was founded in June 2020 in Bottighofen, Switzerland. The company specializes in the sale of gold ingots in small weights through a unique direct sales model. The gold is the highest quality of gold available in the market. In addition to selling gold, the company has introduced it’s own academy where affiliates and business partners can acquire a wealth of knowledge about the art of sales and acquisition, recruiting and team building and social media marketing.

Freebay AG building in Switzerland,- gold-compensation plan

“Freebay Offices in Switzerland”

Freebay also provides a wealth of knowledge on the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies.

Freebay sources it’s gold from Karatbars International, a reputable gold company based in Stuttgart, Germany with over 9 years in gold sales and marketing experience.

Freebay Products and Services

Freebay’s core product is pure 24kt gold bullion embeded in a credit card-sized card. The cards are known as Lifecards with weights of 0.1g and 1 gram respectively. In addition, the company has launched new and exciting innovative products that will surely pave the way for a brighter future.

  1. Lifecards: They are shrink-wrapped with a certificate, which results in a bank card format and it is delivered in this manner. They are available in 0.1 gram weight. The gold embedded in the plastic card is 24kt 999.9 gold bullion and is of the highest quality. They differ from ordinary gold bars in that they have a hologram in the back. They are embossed with the fineness and weight of the gold bars in the front of the card. Additionally, they are equipped with the inscription “fine gold”, an assayer’s mark, a melting mark, black-light marker and the gold bar itself with an invisible DNA marker as well.

    Lifecard-0.1 gram of pure gold-gold by the gram

    “The highest quality of gold available in the market today. Lifecards are also embossed with high-end security features that make it stand out from the competitors”

  2. Freebay Academy: The Frreebay Academy is an online learning platform equipping its members with the necessary foundational skills to increase their wealth I.Q. A registered affiliate will have full access to the Freebay Academy videos and courses that will teach them how to sell, recruit, build a team and acquire business partners through social media. Additionally, the academy allows you have access to automated cryptocurrency trading returns depending on the package you have purchased. Freebay’s EVO Expert and EVO Life membership provide access to passive income for the duration of the membership.

    Freebay Online Learning Platform

    “Freebay Online Learning Academy”

  3. Freebay Affiliate Packages: To become an affiliate of Freebay, you have three entry level packages to choose from. They include EVO Academy, EVO Expert and EVO Life. With these packages you will have access to the Freebay Academy, Trading Academy and you will also position yourself to earn from Freebay’s unique and lucrative compensation plan.
    Freebay Entry Level packages | Automated Trading Packages

    Freebay Entry Level Packages | EVO Academy | EVO Expert | EVO Life

    1. EVO Academy (1 month 50 EUR or 12 months 480 EUR)
      • Freebay Academy
      • Rank – Two Star Sapphire
      • Sponsor bonus
      • 2 units | 24 units
    2. EVO Expert ( 1 month 190 EUR or 12 months 1820)
      • Freebay Academy
      • Trading Academy
      • Robo Trading Expert (4 Robots)
      • Rank – Three Star Sapphire
      • Sponsor bonus
      • 5 units | 60 units
    3. EVO Life (1 month 480 EUR or 12 months 4600 EUR)
      • Freebay Academy
      • Trading Academy
      • Robo Trading Life (8 Robots)
      • Lifecards (0.8g | 10g)
      • Rank – One Star Emerald
      • Sponsor bonus
      • 10 units | 120 units

If you buy any of these packages, you will position yourself to be compensated lucratively within the compensation plan. Next, we are going to discuss the structure of the new compensation plan.

Freebay Compensation Plan

There are six ways you can get paid within the Freebay compensation plan if you become an affiliate. these include;

  1. Direct Commission
  2. Unilevel Bonus
  3. Sponsor Bonus
  4. Generation Bonus
  5. Long Term Incentives
  6. Dual Team Bonus

Freebay pays commissions to affiliates on their referral of products. Affiliates’ commissions are based on their respective ranks. The ranks are as follows;

  • Sapphire:
    • One-Star Sapphire
    • Two-Star Sapphire
    • Three-Satr Sapphire
  • Emerald:
    • On-Star Emerald
    • Two-Star Emerald
    • Three-Star Emerald
  • Ruby:
    • One-Star Ruby
    • Two-Star Ruby
    • Three-Star Ruby
  • Diamond:
    • One-Star Diamond
    • Two-Star Diamond
    • Three-Star Diamond

There are four main ranks with each being divided into three sub categories. For example, the Sapphire rank is divided into One-Star Sapphire, Two-Star Sapphire and Three-Star Sapphire. The lowest rank is the One-Star Sapphire and the highest rank achievable is the Three-Star Diamond. The higher you move up the ranks, the higher your income will be.

  • Direct Commission
    Unilevel Commission plan | Direct Commission

    Unilevel Commission Plan | Direct Commission | Generation Bonus | Sponsor Bonus

    • For every referral that purchases Freebay products, you will get a direct commission depending on your rank in the system. For example, if you acquired an EVO Life package elevating you to One-Star Emerald and you referred 5 others who also acquired an EVO Life package, as a One-Star Emerald, you’ll earn 5290 EUR.
      1. One-Star Sapphire earns a 7% commission rate.
      2. Two-Star Sapphire earns a 15% commission rate. This rank can be achieved by purchasing the EVO Academy package.
      3. Three-Star Sapphire earns a 21% commission rate. This rank can be achieved by purchasing the EVO Expert package.
      4. One-Star Emerald earns a 23% commission rate. This rank can be achieved by purchasing the EVO Life package.
      5. Two-Star Emerald earns a 25% commission rate.
      6. Three-Star Emerald earns a 26% commission rate.
      7. One-Star Ruby earns a 27% commission rate.
      8. Two-Star Ruby earns a 28% commission rate.
      9. Three-Star Ruby earns a 29% commission rate.
      10. One-Star Diamond earns a 30% commission rate.
      11. Two-Star Diamond earns a 31% commission rate.
      12. Three-Star Diamond earns a 32% commission rate.
  • Unilevel Bonus
    • Let’s say you are a Two-Star Emerald, Remember that a Two-Star Emerald earns a 25% direct commission. Let’s say you have a direct line with Two-Star Sapphire which earns a 15% commission rate, then you will get the difference of 10% as a Unilevel Bonus.

      Unilevel Bonus Example | Freebay

      Unilevel Bonus Example

  • Sponsor Bonus
    • The Sponsor Bonus is calculated on the monthly paycheck of your direct partners or downliners. This means that you get the Sponsor Bonus from affiliates that are directly sponsored by you. As a Two-Star Sapphire you will get 5% Sponsor Bonus. As a Three-Star Sapphire you will get a 7% Sponsor Bonus. As a One-Star Emerald you will get 10% Sponsor Bonus on your directly sponsored affiliates.

      Sponsor Bonus | Freebay

      Sponsor Bonus

  • Generation Bonus
    • The Generation Bonus is valid from Two-Star Emerald (Level 5) and higher. The Generation Bonus is a percentage calculated on the monthly paycheck of your qualified partners or downliners. Partners are qualified if they earn money from the Unilevel plan.

      Generation Bonus

      Generation Bonus | Freebay Compensation Plan

  • Long-Term Incentives
    • All qualifications for the Long Term Incentives are based on the purchases of gold in your entire organization. If you have a line, for example, with 30,000 grams of gold, a second line with 20,000 grams of gold and a third line with 5,000 grams of gold, you would qualify for a Bicolor Rolex wrist watch.

      Freebay Long Term Incentive

      Freebay Long Term Incentive

  • Dual Team Bonus
    Dual Team Bonus | Freebay Compensation Plan

    Dual Team Bonus

    • Whether you are selling Freebay products to companies or new customers and affiliates, once you earn 25 units on one side and 50 units on the other side, you obtain a possible payout of up to 180,000 Dual Team Payouts (DTPs) weekly. Each sale within your organization creates units that vary in quantity depending on the product purchased.
    • Your organization is divided into two teams. If you achieve 50 units on one team and 25 units on the other, you qualify for a DTP. It does not matter which team is in the ratio of 50:25.

      Dual Team Bonus Payout | Freebay Compensation Plan

      Duat Team Payout (DTPs)


Freebay is a gold company based in Switzerland that was established in June 2020. The company offers its business partners and affiliates wealth protection and preservation against systemic monetary risks. In addition to wealth protection and preservation, the company has introduced new, innovative and exciting products that will surely give partners and affiliates a lifelong learning experience and at the same time alllowing them to realize residual income for generations to come.

With Freebay, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge in affiliate marketing basics such as sales acquisition, recruiting and team building and social media media marketing.

Freebay has also launched an automated trading platform that enables members to generate profits on a regular basis without the hassle of manually trading the cryptocurrency markets, thus giving you more time and freedom to do other important things.

You will get paid in six different ways. These include direct commission, unilevel bonus, sponsor bonus, generation bonus, long-term incentive and the dual team bonus.

The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks of being a Freebay affiliate in that you have the flexibility of working from home and at the same time you are protecting and preserving your wealth from depreciation by exchanging your paper dollars (or euros, yen, rands etc) into a stable, appreciating asset – gold. In addition to that, if you share this opportunity with someone, and they become interseted and join, you will get paid everytime they exchange their paper money (fiat currency) for pure gold bullion.

Get started with Freebay for free or you could purchase any of the exciting business packages offered and position yourself to earn commissions and residual income right away.

Please let me know in the comments section what you think about the new Freebay compensation plan.

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  1. It’s a very good idea for you to share this interesting article here, wow, it’s helpful to know about this product called Freebay and I think it’ll be a good opportunity to make use of, I’ve not been able to get some reviews on it so far because it was launched just recently and I think it’s cool but I’d like to know more about it.

  2. Quite an interesting one here and I really appreciate you bringing this opportunity here for us all. Actually I knew nothing or have no prior knowledge of what freebay was. However, reading through all you have stated here is making sense and I would say that this is actually wroth it to see here. Thank you so much for this information here

  3. This one seems like a networking company but I do not like MLM businesses so much. Be that as it may, this is also a good selling company which means that I would be able to make some thrift amount from it. I would be willing to give it a try. I think freebay is a good company and the compensation plan is also great as well

  4. Freebay offers is very good  way to easily generate extra income per month by working at home.

     And we have  six different ways to paid . include direct commission, unilevel bonus, sponsor bonus, generation bonus, long-term incentive and the dual team bonus.. and more benifits.. Its great ! I want to be a part of Free bay. It’s helpful for me to earn extra income  at home.. I want to learn more about freebay , 

    thankyou this article. Im so much interested about Freebay.

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