Learn how you can build active and passive income through gold.

Freebay allows you to acquire gold in small weights and build wealth from the comfort of home.

Who is Freebay AG?

Freebay AG is a registered e-commerce company that specializes on the sale of gold, personal development trainings and cryptocurrency trading. The company was established in Bottighofen, Switzerland, in 2020.

Freebay AG building in Switzerland,- gold-compensation plan
Freebay Offices in Bottighoffen, Switzerland

The company’s flagship product is physical gold in the form of Life Cards. Life Cards are gift cards containing 1 gram of gold and allow you to protect your wealth with the world’s best physical asset – gold. You can store your Life Cards with the company at no cost or you can request a physical delivery of your cards.

Lifecard-0.1 gram of pure gold-gold by the gram
1 gram Life Card

Why Gold?

Gold retains its purchasing power over long periods of time. 1 kg of gold in 1920 still buys the same things today. For instance, in 1920 you could buy a brand new Ford truck with 1 kg of gold which was approximately $645. The gold would be exchanged at a gold dealer for dollars and still have change left over.  

Fast forward to 2020, it takes the same 1 kg of gold to buy a brand new Ford truck. However, the value of the Ford truck today is $65,000 compared to 1920. This is because gold is inflation-proof. Inflation is when the buying power of fiat currency goes down due to currency printing by government and it seems like the price is going up.

Purchasing power of gold
Gold holds its purchasing power over long periods of time


Freebay offers the following products with a focus on long life learning and wealth building:

  • Physical gold
  • A personal development academy
  • A cryptocurrency trading academy
  • Dynamic partner relationships that give you residual income with their products.

Freebay Learning Academy

Freebay has introduced the Freebay Academy with a focus on life long learning. The academy can be accessible online 24/7.

The academy will teach you the basics of time management, sales and acquisition, social media marketing such as the basics of Instagram and Facebook. You will also be able to attend webinars and meetings to teach you recruiting and team building.

Freebay Academy
Freebay Academy

Crypto Trading Academy

This academy will introduce you to cryptocurrencies and additionally teach how to store cryptocurrency assets and how to build your cryptocurrency portfolio.

You will learn the basic principles of cryptocurrencies, trading and technical analysis.

You will have the flexibility of trading where ever you want at anytime you desire. The academy also ensures you get full support of the trader community which will in turn allow you to achieve financial freedom and security.

There is an exam at the end of the lessons. Additionally you will attend a trader’s day (workshop).

Trader Academy
Trader Academy

Key Partner Products

This is where you gain access to an automated trading platform that will teach you how to take a portion of your wealth and instead of giving it to the banks and letting them lose it through inflation, put it in a platform that will generate profits for you.

We teach you how to become your own bank by utilizing robots and artificial intelligence that offer you the opportunity to build wealth and create that new wealth building experience.

You can get your digital asset trading package and earn a profit monthly via automated trading, signal trading and auto following where you can follow your favourite trader automatically.

Freebay Automated trading