Welcome to the gold-club.org. We are pleased to have you as our reader in these changing economic times. We are committed to educating and training the ordinary individual on the importance of acquiring gold as a store of value. This is why we promote Karatbars International products because they are in line with our core belief – gold is true money.

Who we are

We are a company founded on the 21st of July 2018 in Mbabane, eSwatini. We have come a long way as a company in educating and training the masses on how to acquire gold to hedge against the ravaging effects of inflation and also build wealth for generations to come. We have a firm belief in a gold standard system whereby capital belongs to the hands of the ordinary citizen as opposed to our current monetary system of debt.

We are a company of individuals who believe in gold as money and that each person must have in their possession gold as a hedge against currency devaluation. Since July 2018, we have attended and hosted various seminars and presentations about Karatbars International and most importantly the number one reason to acquire gold.

We are a vibrant and dedicated team of Karatbars affiliates with the sole mission of helping all citizens have knowledge of money matters.

Why we do this

Ever since the creation of the central banking system, almost every country has experienced the gradual devaluation of their paper (fiat) currencies. Ideally, paper currencies are supposed to be backed by precious metals such as gold or silver. The U.S. was in the gold standard in the late 1800s and this is the reason it became the most powerful economy in the world. This is because the dollar was tied to physical gold in the vaults of the Treasury. However, in 1971, former president of the United States, Richard Nixon, separated the dollar from gold. The dollar was no longer backed by gold hence the fluctuations of its price in the currency exchange markets.

For this reason, we want to educate more people on the importance of owning gold and also help them build generational wealth through the acquisition of gold via Karatbars International. Join our team and build generational wealth for your self and your family.

Our Goal

Our main purpose is to educate the masses on the importance of building and maintaining generational wealth by acquiring currency grade gold from Karatbars International GmbH.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Qiniso Dlamini

E-mail:   qinisondlamini@gmail.com